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leeesovely / Sovely / 쏘블리 : Japan Tour Private PPV Series Day : 2 [Two]

leeesovely Sakuragi ❤️ Vol. 2

Previous : VOl.1 [One]

  1. Outdoor

  2. Bed Room

Leeesovely / Sovely / 쏘블리 made this Photo Album and Videos Series while traveling to Japan in 2023.

This series is very classy with Total Photos above 200 Super HD Quality and also Super clear Video Production which really highlights the clarity of Leesovely's smooth skin.
The making of VOD this time is very different if we look at the video as a whole (Full Making VOD) where Leesovely's genitals don't look so closed like the previous videos so that the #pussy grooves and protruding #pubic meat can be seen clearly when taking this Video Series.
Especially the exposed part of the breast, even though the #nipple was covered with a small plaster, but with this HD quality video we can see Leesovely's original #breast shape in full and in its entirety.

3. leeesovely Nude in #Bath Room

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